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The best baby carrier for parents with back pain

The best baby carrier for parents with back pain

The Carifit+ is the best baby carrier for new parents who struggle with back pain thanks to its unique fixed back panel design and the fact it is constructed from super supportive, sports tech fabric. Designed around the wearers biomechanics and recommended by medics, physiotherapists and women's health experts this means a much better fit for a wider range of parents and the consistent feedback from Carifit+ wearers is that "it makes my baby feel so much lighter and my back so much more comfortable and supported"

As a new parent and particularly as a new mother your posture, back, shoulders and neck will be under extreme pressure from many new, unusual positions associated with feeding, disturbed sleep and caring for your new baby, so it is vital that your baby carrier provides both you the wearer and your baby with truly optimised support and comfort.

So how have Carifit achieved this remarkable feedback and design feat.

The Carifit+ was created by both babywearing experts and postnatal fitness experts and designed for the Carifit baby wearing workouts to be performed in both comfort and with next level support for the wearer.

The Carfit+ has a weight range of 7lbs to 45lbs so from newborn through to toddlerhood this is one baby carrier to support your babywearing adventures.

The unique back panel design means that your babies weight is more evenly distributed which unburdens your back and crucially reduces poor posture and downward force through a newly postnatal and recovering pelvic floor.

By leaning into modern fabric technology the Carifit+ has a 4 way stretch that moulds to both the wearer and your baby so that extreme comfort can be achieved without bulky pads or straps, meaning that whatever your frame size the fit you can achieve with the Carifit+ will be incredible supportive and comfortable for both you and your baby.

Take a look at the range of sizes and shapes that love the fit and comfort from the Carifit+ at the recent babyshow at the NEC Birmingham.

Perhaps best of all with only 2 straps to do, and no pesky behind the back or out of sight adjustments the Carifit+ baby carrier goes between wearers of different size and shape in seconds.

All this combined with the fact that the Carifit+ is the only baby carrier in the world to come with access to its own new parent, postnatal specific fitness and wellbeing app means that Carifit has you supported in more ways than any other carrier brand on the planet.

At Carifit we are so sure that we can get you COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT within 28 days or you can simply send your Cariifit+ back for a full refund.

The Carifit+ is without question the carrier best suited to parents with concerns around their back because of the incomparable design, fabric technology and the additional support from the Carifit app.

If you are a new mom or dad and struggling with the common aches and pains associated with those early months of parenthood then the Carifit app will guide you back to full strength and fitness with guidance from a team of expert medics, womens health physios, fitness professionals and perhaps most significantly ongoing babywearing support so your carrier fit is always optimised. From pelvic floor and core training, to new parent mobility routines and of course entire Carifit workout programs to follow the Carifit app is an incredible resource for all new parents to make use of.

Click the image below to discover Carifit+ for yourself!

Click here for information on post c-section babywearing!

Don't forget with every purchase of our Carifit+ carrier, you will receive a 12 month free subscription to the Carifit app.


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