Stronger. Together.

The complete babywearing experience that helps you and your baby get Stronger Together.
The only babywearing experience with 360° parenting support

Our team of experts will boost your energy levels, lift your mood, help you get physically and mentally stronger, and connect you with a supportive, reassuring and fun community.

Posture+ technology to make your baby feel lighter.

• Ultimate fit for you and your baby

• Breathable lightweight construction: just 750g!

• Fully recycled each carrier repurposes 30 x 500ml plastic bottles

• Every Carifit+ includes 12 months app access

The Carifit Experience

Health and wellbeing support anywhere and anytime for you and your baby.

• Proven in studies to improve your mood, energy and mental wellbeing

• Access Carifit workouts on demand

• A babywearing consultant in your pocket to support you and your baby

• Expert physio, medical, sleep and mental health guidance

What people are saying about Carifit

This is why I love Carifit so much, you can provide comfort to your baby whilst doing something for yourself! Multi-tasking Mama.


I really enjoyed this workout-amazing to see how much I have improved! To quote my hubbie “Carifit membership has been your best buy”


Plain and simple the Carifit+ carrier is the most comfortable ever, my baby feels so much lighter it is amazing!


Carifit live

Experience the incredible benefits, physical, mental, social and emotional of live babywearing workout. New mums can reconnect with a sweaty, results driven, postnatal safe workout, all whilst wearing their new baby.