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Health & Wellness Study Terms & Conditions

When you purchase your Carifit+ baby carrier, you are agreeing to the terms of our study.

I agree to participate in the Carifit 8-week study to help improve support for pre and post-natal women.

I understand that all information provided in the study will be used by Carifit to improve the Carifit+ and the information and expertise provided in the Carifit app.

I understand that the information I provide will be kept strictly confidential, but my data will be aggregated and shared as required by the study. Aggregated information may also be used for marketing and advertising purposes.

I understand that I must read and review the terms of the app prior to use and that any information provided in the app is part of the app data ecosystem and separate to the study.                

I am not currently a User of the Carifit+ or Carifit app.

I understand that I will be required to complete 5 questionnaires as part of this study.

I agree to complete the questionnaires within 36 hours of receipt.

I agree that the Carrier is for me, and my families use only and will not be resold.

I understand that the 12 months free membership to the Carifit app is for me, and my families use only and cannot be resold or passed to another User.

I understand that my purchase of the Carrier at this discount is contingent on my agreement to take part in the Carifit study.

Don't forget with every purchase of our Carifit+ carrier, you will receive a 12 month free subscription to the Carifit app.


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