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Carifit News - Maven and Hale add Carifit support for employees. - Carifit

Carifit News - Maven and Hale add Carifit support for employees.

Maven Search and Hale Architecture have joined the Carifit Corporate Wellbeing plan and will provide Carifit+ carriers and digital wellbeing support via the Carifit app for their employees. The innovative Carifit scheme provides a meaningful gift and proven ORCHA accredited health support for employees embarking on the parenthood transition.

Head of Carifit corporate well-being Zoe Johnston commented "We are delighted to announce that we have signed up our first corporate clients and we are very excited to begin our partnerships with Maven Search and Hale Architecture. Both of these companies are eager to support their employees embarking on parental leave and are keen to position themselves as front-runners in the employee wellbeing space."

James Rudofsky, COO at Maven Search says, “Maven Search care about employee wellbeing, which is why we’re delighted to partner with Carifit, not only for their best in class carriers, but the comprehensive support platform the Carifit app provides to new Maven parents.”

Roland Lee, Director at Hale Architecture adds, "Our decision to offer Carifit as a benefit was rooted in our belief that fostering a positive work-life balance is essential for the overall happiness and productivity of all of our employees at Hale. We recognize that becoming a parent is a life-altering experience, and we wanted to show our support by providing the Carifit + baby carrier and the holistic support of the Carifit App."

Carifit Founder Vern Hill added, "These partnerships and the many to be announced over the coming weeks and months once again demonstrate how Carifit can move into babywearing and parenting wellbeing spaces that others simply cannot occupy, offering evidence based support that allows parents to truly feel supported by their employers and physical gift that will enable them to create a bond and memories that will last them and their children a lifetime. What a truly thoughtful and impactful way for these fantastic businesses to support their new parent staff."


For more information on the Carifit corporate scheme click here and book your discovery call with Zoe.

Don't forget with every purchase of our Carifit+ carrier, you will receive a 12 month free subscription to the Carifit app.


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