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Carifit NEWS - Launch of Carifit corporate - Carifit

Carifit NEWS - Launch of Carifit corporate

After a successful pilot scheme in 2022 with the UK arm of a major US investment bank Carifit launches it's Corporate Wellbeing solution and appoints Zoe Johnston who joins Carifit to head up this new initiative.

Vern Hill Carifit CEO comments "Carifit are and always will be in the business of supporting new parents. Studies show that Carifit supports improved parent confidence, lowers postnatal anxiety levels in 98% of users and creates a secure attachment that powers children to happier and healthier lives as they grow. For businesses to support their new parent team members whilst they navigate this exciting time has huge value to both employee and employer. Carifit Corporate Wellbeing gifts our best in class carrier and a huge depth and breadth of information, advice and guidance for new parents via the Carifit app. Employers can support their team when not at work through Carifit's team of experts and help new parents build an incredible bond and create lifelong memories with their new babies.

Vern continued "we are thrilled that Zoe has joined us and that we have been able to work together to create a flexible role that reflects our desire to support parents and attract top talent."

Zoe added "Being a Carifit mum of two, I truly believe in the power of this programme to aid physical and mental recovery after having a baby. I am so excited to now be part of the team, working for a cause that I am passionate about with like-minded and driven people. This role allows me to work flexibly, and also utilises the skills I acquired during my 13 years as a senior director at a large corporate. At a time of my life when Work-Life balance is so important, Vern and team have given me this great opportunity to develop the Carifit business into a new direction, whilst also saving space for me to be with my family."

Vern concluded "as Carifit continues to grow we demonstrate with this move that we can through our unique history, expertise and evidence based outcomes step into territory and have conversations that other babywearing businesses simply cannot".

You can learn more about Carifit Corporate Wellbeing and book a discovery call with Zoe HERE

Don't forget with every purchase of our Carifit+ carrier, you will receive a 12 month free subscription to the Carifit app.


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